Abacus Industrial Hemp Flower 18% CBD (MEDIUM BUDS)

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Abacus Industrial Hemp Flower 18% CBD (MEDIUM/SMALL)

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Medium and small bud sizes will be found with this Abacus. But rest assured this is some DANK ABACUS!! Smell will punch you right when you open the bag. In true Abacus fashion with the OG Kush genetics this beautiful specimen is down right pungent and delicious!!! If you want that super thick smoke that taste like it smells this is the perfect match for you.


How to use: 

Making Tea

- Add around 1 teaspoon of hemp per cup & pour hot water over completely. If you want to extract the most cannabinoids, you should also add a dash of coconut milk, oil or another fat to help with cannabinoid absorption. Let it steep for 2 to 5 minutes, depending on how flavorful you like your brew. 

Also can be ideal to add some sweetener or a squeeze of lemon, whatever is your cup of tea!



-Decarboxylate the Raw Hemp flower.

-Add 3.5g of Raw decarboxylated Industrial Hemp Flower to 1/4lb of coconut oil, butter or butter alternative and let mix over low heat for a few hours.

-Use the infused oil to cook with or replace butter/oil in a recipe of your choice.

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